Middle East

Committed to the mission of the International Resource Network, IRN Middle East aims to foster communication and collaboration among researchers, activists, artists, and teachers working on sexualities in the Middle East and its diaspora. To this end, we collaborate with leading grassroots organizations, academic institutions, artists, scholars, and community leaders to implement and support various projects in the region and the United States. The wide array of our projects has ranged from capacity building workshops for queer activists, arts exhibitions and films about Middle Eastern sexualities to lectures and panels on sexual politics in the region.

Currently, our two major projects are Turkey’s Queer Lives Archive: LGBTQ Oral Histories and Transnational Peer Review Network. Designed as the first large-scale academic project to focus on LGBTQ issues in Turkey, and one of the very few studies of LGBTQ oral histories in Islamicate contexts, the project will document the lives and everyday experiences of LGBTQ people to build an oral history archive. In the long run, we aim to expand the project to cover other countries in the region.

Our second major project, Transnational Peer Review Network, aims to foster the production of empirically grounded and theoretically informed scholarship on Middle Eastern sexualities by providing pro bono peer reviewing and editing services to students, scholars and independent researchers working on related subjects. Through this network, we will also facilitate communication and collaboration among researchers. Selected works will soon be featured on the IRN website and publications.

Please contact Regional Coordinator: Rustem Ertug Altinay if you have any questions or comments. We are also always looking for opportunities for collaboration.