IRN Asia works closely with local organizations in Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, the U.S., etc. to promote gender and sexuality research and activism in the region. A regional coordinator for IRN Asia was hired only recently. During the next year, she will work on building an active and representative board of local scholars and activists.

IRN Asia has organized conferences, events, research awards, and film workshops and produced training manuals, activism maps, and books. We value collaboration and the intersections of art, academic, and politics. We have a Chinese-language interactive website on queer theory and sexuality resources at IRN Asia sponsored a mini-conference on queer theory and activism during the Chinese Lala Alliance bi-annual conference where 50 people participated. IRN Asia invited speakers and workshop trainers from India, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong to talk about the connection between queer and feminist theory and sexuality activism. IRN Asia also co-sponsored one of the first lesbian non-fiction books published in China, where implicit rules prevent such books from official publication. The Lace Dictionary unearths the history of same-sex love between women in China and re-tells their forgotten stories.

IRN Asia also maintains an active Facebook group for scholars and students of Queer East Asian Studies.