Queer Studies Easter Symposium

The International Society for Cultural History and Cultural Studies (CHiCS), AIDSinCULTURE.org and Enkidu Magazine invite the global community to a vibrant and exciting multi-disciplinary, multi-lingual and multi-cultural Queer Studies Easter Symposium in Mexico City in spring, 2012.
The Symposium aims at exploring recent developments in theory and method in Queer studies as well as the broad themes of sexual diversities through time and space, gender constructions, sex-gender subjectivities, and sexual identity constructions from a wide and diverse range of perspectives.
The conference has this year a very broad, interdisciplinary scope and papers addressing virtually all cultural, social and artistic expressions and constructions of genders and sexualities from a wide range of perspectives will be considered. Wide and diverse interpretations of the conference theme ranging from the predictable to the surprising are encouraged.
Call for Papers Deadline: April 1st 2012