Mind the Gap II Conference

Mind the Gap II Conference

The Second Jerusalem Conference for Academy and the LGBTAIQ Community in
May 30th-31st, 2012 at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus

Borders are barriers, but they are also an area of ​​encounter with the
other. Between the physical and the intangible the double and contradictory
existence of the liminal products becomes possible. Jerusalem is an example
of this type of space – the City embodies the experience of liminality –
religious and seculars, Jews and Palestinians, citizens and residents
without citizenship, queers and straights. Practices of transparency and
visibility, oppression and empowerment, inclusion and exclusion, are forced
upon us and by us, against the various fascets of our identities. These
encounters also take place in all of our daily activities– between the
academic and the activist fields. The aim of this conference is to provide
a space to gather in order to shed light on the liminal spaces in various
fields, and examine them.

The conference is designed to provide a platform for individuals from the
academic or practical fields, to meet and create a dialogue between the
disciplines. We invite you – academics and field activists, Homonormtives
and  anormative, Palestinians and Israelis, residents and citizens,
religious, secular and UltraOrthodox, Cisgenders, intersex, A-sexuals,
normatives, Hetronormtives, proud and ashamed – to apply to lecture,
to  participate
in a panel or to lead a  discussion group. Optional subjects include issues
dealing with border areas, the space between the field and the academia,
between acceptance and exclusion, between the binary and the continuum,
between the contrast and the harmony, or any combination thereof. All of
these will be explored in the context of femininity, masculinity,
lesbianisem, gayness, bisexuality, transgenderisem, Intersexuality,
queerness or A-sexuality.

Possible topics may include, but are not limited to: Jerusalem – Al-Quds
area as a border zone / queerness and Jerusalem / queer identity, shame and
pride, Heteronormativity, Homonormativity and Homonationalism with an
emphasis on the Israeli case / the personal and the political in a Queer
society / between liberalism and radicalism / Queer ethics / Queer
methodology / Queerization of the Academy/ Academization of activism /
issues and struggles of the LGBTQIA community / the intersection of
religious and queer theory.

In addition, we want to create discussion forums in small groups, to allow
for a plurality of voices on the issues raised in the conference. We hope
that this framework may help facilitate the formation of sustainable action
groups in both the academic and activist fields.

The conference will be held on May 30th-31st, 2012 at the Hebrew University
of Jerusalem, Mount Scopus campus