entzaubert queer diy film festival

Entzaubert is a radical queer d.i.y. film festival happening since 2007 on the queer wagenplatz Schwarzer Kanal in Berlin.
the festival team aims to bring queer artists and filmmakers together, focusing on do-it-yourself-video, on the work of filmmakers with little or no budget, who do not find places to show their work in the mainstream film industry,
to give people the opportunity to watch films who normally don‘t go to film festivals,
to share experiences and learn from each other,
to pass on information,
to educate, to challenge and to be challenged,
to network, to participate, make your first movie,
or simply to enjoy watching films for hours and days!
in our programming, we focus on films that challenge gender and power structures, and are open to every genre and length of film.
the location is Schwarzer Kanal, which is a queer living and community project in berlin.
find out more: schwarzerkanal.squat.net

entzaubert is independent from any organizations, we dont receive any fundings.
entzaubert lives from many people’s contribution, equipment and resources are mostly borrowed or donated.
entry to all screenings is by donation.
the festival is partly open air and partly inside, all happening on the community grounds of the schwarzer-kanal-project.
every year you can find a „d.i.y.-cinema“:
you can lend out films that have been screened already during the festival, and watch them on a tv in one of the wagons.
entzaubert is a radical queer festival
we think that queer is about living life in a political way which challenges gender and power structures;
also that fucking with gender normativity, abolishing borders and fighting for migrants’ and workers’ rights are all part of one struggle.
For us, opposing capitalism with its inherent social inequalities is closely connected to the fight against transphobia, homophobia and sexism, as well as racism, facism and militarism.
with entzaubert we want to encourage all the rad queers and feminists out there to get their images and word out to celebrate our community and diversity!