antihomofobi – 2010 International meeting against homofobia in Turkey

International Anti-Homophobia Meeting is an internationally participated forum organized by Kaos GL in Ankara since 2006. The annual meeting aims to compose a platform for discussing the discrimination towards to LGBT individuals in Turkey and providing the visibility.
This year, 14 cities across the country have activities organised events against homophobia and transphobia from March 5 to May 17.
The highlight will be a two-day forum on May 15 and 16. Several European MPs member of the LGBT intergroup, Ambassadors and representatives of the international Human Rights community will join the forum discussion. The reknowned queer feminist writer and philosopher Judith Butler will be holding a conference as part of the programme, too.
Check their antihomofobi website for the complete programme. Information is available in both TÜRKÇE and English.