Gran Lakou, calls for law reform – Caribbean IRN Update 26 February, 2012

Gran Lakou is an LGBT inclusive Dance Group in Jakmel , Haiti and this video tells more of their campaign for support.

The public commentary continues in the Caribbean to call for the necessary law reforms to ensure rights for LGBT citizens. Sir Ronald Saunders comments again in The Caribbean—not so gay .
Another commentary in Trinidad & Tobago A fight for equal rights and in Jamaica this EDITORIAL – Prime Minister should decry homophobic bigotry and this reminder This pesky gay business highlight the media around LGBT issues in the Caribbean

The Law reform is needed as stated in this report from St Kitts and Nevis Public Outcry: 4 Yrs in Jail for Buggery, Life for Rape  while one regional civil servant is reported to have  said that Caribbean plans regional approach to abolish gay laws

St Lucia was the venue for a Dialogue on global LGBT movements and this report was carried in Antigua and Barbuda Local duo participates in regional LGBT dialogue

In health, this Trinidad & Tobago headline Men who have sex with Men : 200 men tells of the work being done on HIV prevention.

We have also added a list of Organisations in the Caribbean working on LGBT rights. This list is not exhaustive and other contacts and information will be added as they become available.

We are working on finishing off our ‘Theorizing Homophobia in the Caribbean’ Collection and on seeking funds to continue to support the work of the IRN.